Fibromyalgia Testimonials

I have been taking your pain product line for fibromyalgia for the past year. All I can say is thank you, I feel amazing, I never thought I would ever feel normal again. I found out about your products from a friend in my support group who had great success with them. I have had fibromyalgia for 7 agonizing years and I can’t thank you enough, your products are a godsend, thanks for giving me a choice. I can’t do without them.
Brenda Curry
San Francisco, California

I am a general practioner working at a family practice and I’m excited to tell you that I have been using Pain-eze and other supplements of yours for the past 2 years with great success. I only worked part time at my practice for 1 ½ yrs. since I was suffering with fibromyalgia. But since I have been using your supplements, I have gradually increased my working hours back to full-time now and I am feeling absolutely wonderful! Every once and awhile I get a little down with stress as but as soon as I take sufficient dosages of optimize and extress, I feel better once again. My husband and children are all very pleased that I am well again … . I have lots to live for and I am determined to get balanced and back on track. I’m not 100% there yet, but thanks to you I am on the journey of total health. I am telling everyone about your wonderful natural supplements, they have pulled me through. Thank you for providing such wonderful products.
Dr. Anne Steinberg
Boston, Massachuttes

Hi, my name is Linda Arndt and here is my story. I am writing to you because I want to say thank you, your supplements have changed my life. I was very very sick with sore achy twitching muscles, fatigue and depression for almost a decade and no one seemed to be able to diagnose my situation. I was put on medications for pain and depression and of course that gave me even more symptoms. I didn’t spend much time with my children cause all I could do was sleep for hours on end, … I was depressed, angry and enraged. . My life just seemed to keep going in a vicious negative circle, then one day I happened to see a lifestyle coach on tv, and it hit me like a ton of bricks, I am feeling sorry for myself I need to change my habits and find a solution or I’m always going to be this way. He recommended the implementation of slow and gradual changes in diet, exercise and the use of nutritional supplements for improved health, which lead me to a search on the computer for helpful products. I went to your website .. I couldn’t feel any worse than I already had and I also realized it would cost me a lot less than the prescription medications I was taking and it seemed unique that I could keep taking my medications along with your products and gradually maybe get off the drugs totally. For the first few months I was still in bad shape, but I did force myself to join a fitness center and made gradual changes in my life … I am taking paineze, deprex, neuran and optimize and low and behold I am actually starting to feel better …. I no longer take medications and I only use your supplements. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you have miraculous products that work, hip hip horray!!! I am an extremely pleased customer.
Linda Arndt
San Antonio, Texas

I found out about your products by stumbling upon them on a search on the computer. I use painese, neuran and niterest, they are really helping me with my condition, I sleep better and the pain and muscle cramps are starting to become less. Thank you!!!!!! I can only recommend them to others for the chronic nagging horrible symptoms of fibromaylgia. I was on prescriptions for a few years but I always felt really bad still, any time I talked to my doctor about it contributing to my depression and lethargy he seemed to scare me away from natural alternatives. I know the medications were making me worse and it was up to me to find a solution. I thought I would just take the plunge and try your product line, well all I can say is thank God! Your supplements work great, and I totally recommend them to other sufferers that are in the same situation I was in.
Gail Johnson
Las Vegas, Nevada

Ten years ago I was under extreme stress, suffering from depression, horrible pain and fatigue that seemed to never end. I stopped caring about myself and especially my family. I just wished that I could die. I was constantly misdiagnosed by many doctors, going thru tests with no answer in sight. Finally at long last I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist … an amazing doctor, encouraging, supportive and it dawned on me that maybe I could change my horrible life. He told me to try acupuncture treatments, to change my overall lifestyle and he also suggested natural supplements or homeopathics to strengthen my immune system and for my symptoms. Basically I found your website, followed some of your self help tips and bought your supplements. Wow I really can ‘t believe it, my family can’t believe that they have the old me back once again. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your phenomenal products. I will continue to use them with gratitude and thankfulness. Thank you God, it is a blessing.
Terri Howard
Albuquerque, New Mexico