Sleep Disorders

Fibromyalgia and sleep disorders go hand in hand.  It is believed that almost 80% of the sufferers experience some type of disturbed sleep with Fibromyalgia.  A fibromyalgia sleep disorder leaves sufferers feeling tired, drained, and incapable of dealing with the stresses associated with FMS. 


The disturbed sleep, fibromyalgia patterns can amplify  all the other symptoms and many prescription medications can leave you feeling even more 'out of it'.  Prescription medications may work for some people, just be aware if you are having side effects, you do not need more symptoms than you already have.  Our physician-formulated, alternative sleep disorder products  are safe, all natural and can be taken along with your prescription medications. There is nothing more refreshing for sufferers than to have their natural sleep restored.

What is a Fibromyalgia Sleep Disorder?
FMS symptoms are often characterized by fatigue, muscular aches, pain, and disordered sleep.  Most sufferers have an associated sleep disorder called the alpha-delta EEG anomaly.  In this condition most sufferers can fall asleep without much trouble, but their level of deep sleep (Stage 4) is constantly interrupted by bursts of awake-like brain activity.  Sufferers appear to spend the night with one foot in sleep and the other foot out of sleep.  When a person is awake and resting, "alpha" brain waves are emitted at a frequency of 8 - 13 per second.  When a person is in deep sleep, "delta" brain waves are emitted at a rate of less than 3.5 per second.  Sufferers with alpha-delta sleep disorder experience a disruption in their sleep patterns.  When they reach deep sleep, the phase in which muscles are repaired, alpha waves intrude and jolt them back to a lighter sleep.

Sufferers with a fibromyalgia sleep disorder do not obtain enough deep sleep, and their body is not adequately refreshed.  Sleep lab tests may not be necessary to determine if the sufferer has experienced disturbed SLEEP  with FIBROMYALGIA.  If the sufferer wakes up feeling as though they have just been run over by a mack truck - what physicians refer to as an unrefreshing sleep - it is reasonable for the physician to predict that the patient has an interrupted fibromyalgia sleep disorder. 

Many FMS patients have been found to have other sleep disorders in addition to the alpha-delta EEG, such as sleep apnea, sleep myoclonus night-time jerking of the arms and legs), and restless legs syndrome.  Also, a newly discovered sleep disorder, upper-airway resistance syndrome is also being evaluated for its association with disordered sleep in FMS.  Disturbed sleep often aggravates the other prevalent FMS symptoms.

How Does Disturbed and Insufficient Sleep Aggravate Fibromyalgia Symptoms?
Lack of sleep accentuates the fatigue that most sufferers of the syndrome experience.  Muscular pain is also exaggerated by poor sleep.  Most sufferers who do not sleep well also have muscle aches, regardless of the cause of their sleep disturbance.  Most patients with  FMS achieve only light, non-restorative sleep, their body never fully relaxing.  In addition, they often toss and turn all night, keeping the muscles tense and active.  Patients with normal sleep patterns typically awaken feeling refreshed.  FMS patients  with sleep disorder symptoms can often be in significant pain when they get out of bed in the morning, feeling tired and unrefreshed.


Many patients with fibromyalgia sleep disorders  have found better sleep surfaces and mattresses helpful in decreasing muscle aches, restless leg pain, restoring normal sleep patterns.  Why not give yourself a restful sleep.