Homeopath Remedy for Fibromyalgia

Leon Chaitow, N.D., D.O., M.R.O.

Several studies have looked at the effects of a specific Rhus Tox homoeopath remedy for Fibromyalgia and ‘fibrositis’ with varying results. Although the homeopath remedy  treatment of painful rheumatic fibromyalgia conditions often involves the use of Rhus tox it is therefore not suitable for all people with such conditions, but only those with the profile of the medicine.

The ideal person for using Rhus tox is:  restless, continually changing position, having a great deal of apprehension especially at night and finds it difficult to stay in bed. The head will feel heavy, and the jaws may be noisy, creaking, with TMJ pain. The tongue tends to be coated except for a red triangular area near the tip and there is a frequently bitter taste in the mouth and a desire for milky drinks. There is often a drowsy feeling after eating.

There may be a nagging dry cough and a sense of palpitation most noticeable when sitting still. The back tends be stiff and normally feels better for moving about; limbs are stiff and any exposure to cold makes the skin feel sensitive or painful.  Cold, wet weather makes symptoms worse as does sleep and resting. What helps most as far as symptoms are concerned is warm, dry weather, movement, rubbing the uncomfortable areas, warm applications and stretching. The remedy is Rhus tox in the 6C potency.
Trials – In Britain a study found that using the 6C dilution of Rhus Tox was effective in moderating the symptoms of patients with Fibromyalgia whereas a trial in the Australia, involving just three patients who fitted all the criteria including the profile for Rhus tox, there was no benefit when a 6X dilution was used. The difference between 6X and 6C may seem unimportant, but the dilution difference if enormous.

With one study using Rhus tox 6C and claiming marked benefits for Fibromyalgia patients and one using Rhus tox 6X showing no benefit, the jury is still out. However since there is absolutely no chance of side effects with homeopathy remedies for fibromyalgia there is little to be lost in trying, but try the 6C first.

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Dr. Chaitow is a practicing naturopath, osteopath, and acupuncturist in the UK, with over forty years clinical experience.  He regularly lectures in the USA and  Europe, and has written over 60 books on natural health and alternative medicine.