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Dr. Headley, M.D.
We are a patient-owned  company under the consultance of  Dr. Stanley D. Headley, M.D., with a team of multi-disciplinary, integrative wellness physicians with an expertise in health, fitness and nutrition.   We understand fibromyalgia as patients and as professional specialists.  Dr. Headley is a certified Naturopathic Physician and Doctor of Medicine with nearly 20 years of clinical, research and medical teaching experience, his career is a model for effective partnership between the best of conventional and complementary medicines.  His vision is to empower his patients to be positive and proactive in maintaining their own health through a lifestyle oriented around preventing disease rather than treating symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

Also experienced in FDA clinical trial development, Dr. Headley uses his expertise to design and lead evidence-based clinical  trials for natural medicines. Dr. Headley lectures at conferences, expos, teaching hospitals, clinics, health food stores, on radio and TV about natural and complementary approaches to the major health concerns facing us today.

The public has become more aware of natural alternatives but is unsure as to what combination of vitamins and herbs to take for specific conditions.  Individuals who are taking responsibility for their own health are seeking out qualified Naturopathic Physicians for natural medicine.  We offer what we believe is the highest quality natural  supplement on the market today.  Our physician-formulated products take the guess work out of supplementation to give the body the vital nutrients needed to heal itself.

Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive fibromyalgia resources and information on self care, treatment solutions and  alternative therapies,  to provide you with a level of comfort in knowing that you do have choices in your treatment of fibromyalgia.  Our resources encourage the patient to become fully aware and informed of their condition, to discover tools to overcome Fibromyalgia.  Extensive research and clinical studies show that our natural supplements offer about the same level of effectiveness as prescription medications  for Fibromyalgia, a healthful, less damaging, drug-free and cost-effective way to manage FMS.

We offer extensive fibromyalgia resources, and specially formulated products which may be safely purchased online which meet all our patient’s needs.
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